These daring people who convinced themselves that the world is round. The first circumnavigator as we all know was the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan. He is considered by most scholars as the greatest navigational feat in history. He managed to convince Charles V, the king of Spain to grant him the chance of finding a new way to the Spice Islands. He set sail from Seville in 1519 and discovered the Southern Strait in 1520 that would later bear his name- “ The Magellan Strait”. He also named the ocean “Pacific’ meaning peaceful. After several months the fleet reached Philippines in 1521. He was killed in raid by a local tribe. The circumnavigation was completed even without its leader as “Victoria”, one of the five ships that left Spain, succeed in getting back. The story of the first voyage around the world was recorded by Italian Antonio Pigafetta, one of 18 lucky members of the expedition who made it back.

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